Our Favorite Musicians at the South Florida Fair

The South Florida Fair is in full swing, and there’s a lot of national acts to see this year – especially Classic Rock bands.  But don’t forget there’s also a lot of Palm Beach County musicians playing there!  Here’s some of our favorites coming up the next few days:

Friday  5:00  Livingston Johnson (Classic Rock)

Saturday Noon Charley Sol Project (Reggae), 2 pm  The Crush (Rush Tribute Band), 5 PM Eddie Jelley and Cold Shot (Stevie Ray Vaughn Tribute), 730 Livingston Johnson (Classic Rock)

Sunday 430  Trailer Trash Lite (Classic Rock)

Monday 830  The Cravens (Rock)

Tuesday 800 Marti Kar (Spiritual)  900 Raggy Monster (Alternative, Indie)

Wednesday  500 Charley Sol Project, 900 Andrew Morris Band (Country)

Check our Calendar for the rest of the fair, and check them out while you’re there!

The Cravens


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